Quests are events in a game where the player is required to do something. For example, a little girl may have had lost track of her brother after a while, and is fearing being grounded if she doesn't find him in time. In this case, the player can help the girl out by looking out for a boy that matches the description of what the little girl says he's wearing.

To create this sort of Quest, you must:

  1. Make a new Event on the map. Select any character (Doesn't have to be a little girl. However, seeing we're doing this Quest, we'll choose "113-Civilian 13".).
  2. Next, we'll make her tell the player that she needs his/her help to find her brother.
  3. What is involved next is a Self Switch. Create a new page that runs on the condition that the Self Switch is activated, which means she'll briefly ask the player if they found her brother.
  4. Make sure to use the same, exact event image in the Self-Switch page. Otherwise, as soon as the character finishes talking, and the event is done, the person will disappear.
  5. In the event that the player does find the girl's brother, a regular Switch is activated. Now, create a new page for the little girl, that runs when the Switch is activated. Make sure that also the Self Switch you used for the little girl is also being evaluated. In this page, it is appropriate to give the player a "Thank you!" message.
  6. Now, you can leave it at that, or, you can add a new page that runs on a second Self Switch, which will tell the little girl to say something either generic, or something that tells the player that she'll be more attentive to her brother.

Experiment with situations in RPG Maker XP. This is only an example, so, this doesn't have to be followed to the letter. The screenshots for making the exact quest as described can be seen below. However, if your game contains the exact quest, credit should be given, to JediMaster362.

  • First time talking to little girl.
  • When you talk to her again, without finding her brother.
  • When you find the little brother!
  • His promise to be more careful.
  • You tell her where her brother is.
  • She is now facing where he is!