Paying Station Girl

The Paying station clerk is a character in the Dating RPG, who is responsible for collecting Gold from the player, in exchange of 2 tickets, so the player can go to the dance hall.

She seems to be somewhat mean, in terms of spirit, as she calls May's dad "A psycho". This might mean that either she or a family member may have done something to upset him.

She is shown to be somewhat terrible with her mathematical skills, as she seems to not know how much Gold to charge the player, who tells her the correct amount for the 2 tickets (50 in total, as each is worth 25 Gold).

Relationship with charactersEdit

May ShakerEdit

She is never seen interacting with May. However, it seems she is somewhat bitter of her, as she is somewhat mean towards May's family, such as insulting Jimmy.

Jimmy ShakerEdit

Not much is known between these two. However, this girl seems to have a low opinion of Jimmy.

The playerEdit

She seems somewhat nice to the player. However, how much she values him is unknown, as their conversation is rather short.