Jimmy Shaker is the father of May Shaker. Not much is known about him, as he is a minor character.


In his community, he is a member of a greeting committee. Apparently, he wishes to maintain the reputation of the town he lives in. However, the ticket girl says that Jimmy is "A psycho". What she means is everyone who Jimmy interacts with is at danger of being on his hit list if they upset him, even once. Shaker will then tell the individual who upset him to expect a day known as "Jimmy Shaker Day", which means when they least expect it, he'll attack them.

However, if the person in question never upsets Jimmy, he can be a good asset to that individual.


  • It is assumed that the ticket girl might have upset Jimmy, as she seems to have a low opinion of him.
  • If the player looks at Jimmy's mail box while facing right, the mailbox will read "Is today Jimmy Shaker Day?", the phrase that Jimmy apparently frequently uses to intimidate others into behaving.