For Romance RPGs. (RRPG).

The Dating Game RPG is an RPG that is in development.


The plot of the game features a local girl who falls in love with the player, who recently moves into the town of Lovesville.

As soon as the player talks to his Sister, the local girl rushes to the player. The girl asks the player out to a local dance. However, the player has no Gold for the dance. However, before this is revealed to the local girl, Amy (The player's sister) gives her brother 80 Gold to attend the event.

As soon as the player follows where the mysterious girl ran off to, he hears a conversation between his date and her father.

If there will be any action (Fighting)...Edit

Battles might be used in scenes. However, there doesn't seem likely that there will be actual battles in the game. However, the player will have to watch their stamina, as if they run out, the local girl will immediately dump him at that precise moment, resulting in a Game Over.

Status of RPGEdit

It is still in development. The plot has greatly expanded, and it seems to be coming along, smoothly. Only thing is, a script is needed, to make a window that displays the stamina. Otherwise, it looks like the story is nearing completion.