Dance Hall Tickets are mandatory items that the player can purchase from the Paying Station. They cost 25 Gold. Only 2 may be obtained, as each attending guest only requires 1 ticket.

Role in the GameEdit

The tickets play a major role in the game, as the player cannot advance to the Dance Hall if they haven't been purchased. It is essential to keep the Gold accumulated from the beginning, as there is no other time when the player can get Gold. As the tickets cost a major portion of Gold the player starts with, being cautious in any time prior to obtaining them is essential. This fact makes the tickets very expensive, (And more importantly) more valuable.


  • The tickets are the only items that the player needs to pay for.
  • The player is transferred back to the previous map, if he attempts to sneak up ahead without them.
  • In the game, the tickets are merely pieces of paper that say that the holder of the item is allowed to go to the Dance Hall.