Count Drac is the Final Boss of an RPG. Despite his old age, his statistics are quite high. His race is: Vampire


This section explains about the events that happened prior to and during the game.

Prior to the gameEdit

Drac was frustrated at how he was different, and vowed revenge on the entire human race. It is uncertain how he became a vamp. However, it is most likely that he got bitten by one. He slowly rose to power by hypnotising the national navy captain into leading his own personal army.

On one evening, Drac killed 3 nearby house residents. The sole survivor of the incident was so shaken up by it, he mistrusted everyone. This also pushed him to take law enforcement and take up hunting.

During the gameEdit

Drac is fought after the player discovers that a ruthless army has hit many towns at once. The leader, after having being spoken to about Count Drac, decides to intercept the vampire's plans, once and for all. However, the vampire is difficult to reach, due to his massive army.